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Introducing Minimus Servers

Posted by Matt Solomon on April 14, 2016
Last week, we introduced Minimus Servers to the market. At its core, Minimus is two things - less expensive, and a novelly simple method for using liquid cooling in your data center. It's an integrated package made up of purpose-built servers, standalone rack-based cooling, and power distribution.

Designed in partnership with high-quality OEM manufacturers like Supermicro and Gigabyte, the Minimus Server is a reliable, low-cost server that offers savings of 50% to 60% compared to

Why Minimus? Why now?

For years, Green Revolution Cooling has been helping customers design and build their own custom hardware so that they are able to take full advantage of their immersion cooling technology. Since GRC has deployed thousands upon thousands of these servers, paired with the fact that they boast a less than 1% failure rate, we're making the Minimus architecture widely available to the entire market. In conjunction with immersion cooling, Minimus Servers make data centers more efficient, more cost-effective, and easier to deploy - simple as that.

How do Minimus Servers cost a fraction of average OEM prices? Take a look at the image below.
Don't pay for unnecessary components with fully customizable Minimus Servers

How to save 50% to 60% off over

The Minimus offers you the ability to pick and choose the parts and features you need for your application like processors, memory, etc., while eliminating all the extraneous parts and features such as fans, intricate chassis, architecture for redundant power supplies, hard drive caddies, etc.

The result is a lean, low-cost server that is custom-built for your application. 

High Reliability

Thousands of Minimus-designed servers have already been deployed in data centers around the world and are performing efficiently. In addition, they have proven to be some of the most reliable servers in application. This high reliability comes from the use of premium components from quality manufacturers like Supermicro, Gigabyte, Intel, and others, used in conjunction with naturally protective immersion cooling environments. All of these factors are what contribute to the Minimus’s unmatched reliability.
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All You Need to Know About... Sustainability

Posted by Matt Solomon on February 9, 2016

The new metrics for data center efficiency and sustainability

While long considered the gold standard for measuring data center efficiency, PUE is not without its faults. For one, it only takes into account the efficiency of power usage (i.e. the ratio of total facility power to IT power). It can be a good measure of cooling system and facility efficiency, however, is does not take into account a holistic perspective of the environmental impact of a data center. To truly understand a data center’s impact on a broader environmental level, it is critical to measure the water usage and carbon emissions for which that data center may be responsible – both directly and indirectly.

As always, our All You Need to Know About... series just scratches the surface of a different subject for each entry, and to dive deep into all the data and specifics you'll want to download our corresponding White Paper "A Paradigm Shift in Data Center Sustainability".
Click here to Download Sustainability White Paper
Read the full White Paper on Data Center Sustainability

The Green Grid defines the following metrics for measuring the efficiency of a data center in terms of its water use and carbon emissions:

  • WUEsite = Annual Site Water Usage / IT Equipment Energy (in L/kWh)
  • WUEsource = Annual Energy Source Water Usage + Annual Site Water Usage / IT Equipment Energy (in L/kWh)
  • CUE = Total CO2 Emissions Caused by the Total Data Center Energy / IT Equipment Energy (kgCO2eq/ kWh)
A Paradigm Shift in Data Center Sustainability White Paper
Download A Paradigm Shift in Data Center Sustainability White Paper
Learn more about the metrics and how oil immersion cooling from GRC can help reduce your carbon and water footprint by up to 95%.

Have questions? Want to see how the CarnotJet system can cut your data center energy and costs? Contact us via a email at or by phone at +1(512) 692-8003.
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All You Need to Know About... Storage Drives in Immersion Cooling

Posted by Matt Solomon on November 30, 2015

In this edition of the All You Need to Know About... series, we talk about one of the most commonly asked questions regarding liquid immersion cooling: what kind of drives can be immersed, as well as how standard spinning disks can be used in the CarnotJet system.

Drives that can be immersed

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

As the name suggests, SSDs are solid state devices with no moving parts. Hence can be submerged in ElectroSafe right out of the box just like other solid state components such as memory DIMMs, mother boards, etc. With the steadily declining price and superior speed and performance of SSDs, they are quickly becoming the storage device of choice.

Helium-filled Drives

Helium-filled drives, such as the Ultrastar He6 offered by Western Digital’s HGST, are hermetically sealed and can be directly submerged in ElectroSafe.

How unsealed spinning disks can be used in the CarnotJet system

While unsealed HDDs cannot be submerged out of the box like SSDs and hermetically sealed drives, they can be adapted to be used with immersed servers by being kept above the surface of the oil. This is done through the use of a modified drive caddy designed to fit in the existing drive caddy slot – as seen in the photo on the left.


To learn more about the performance and reliability of the CarnotJet system click here, then get in touch via email at or phone at +1 (512) 692-8003.
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Data Center Liquid Cooling Myths - Busted!

Posted by Matt Solomon on October 19, 2015


You may have heard a few exemplary facts about liquid immersion cooling - like our CarnotJet system - such as its  incredible CAPEX and OPEX savings. However, you also may have heard some things that made you unsure about this emerging technology. Today we dispel some of the myths about liquid immersion cooling, and set things straight with the facts about this revolutionary technology.
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