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Data Center Liquid Cooling Myths - Busted!

Posted by Matt Solomon on August 1, 2018
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You may have heard a few exemplary facts about liquid immersion cooling - like our CarnotJet system - such as its incredible CAPEX and OPEX savings. However, you also may have heard some things that made you unsure about this emerging technology. Today we dispel some of the myths about liquid immersion cooling, and set things straight with the facts about this revolutionary technology.

❌  MYTH - Liquid Cooling is more expensive than traditional A/C
✅  FACT - The CarnotJet system has helped many satisfied customers build out data centers for as much as 60% less than traditional air-cooled data centers.

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GRC is very safe
GRC's ElectroSafe coolant is non-flammable, non-toxic, completely dielectric and safe.

❌  MYTH - It’s not safe
✅  FACT - GRC uses a clear, odorless, non-toxic mineral oil-based coolant called ElectroSafe, which does not conduct electricity but is a good conductor of heat, making it ideal for cooling IT equipment.

Download the ElectroSafe Coolant Fact Sheet

❌  MYTH - It makes operations tougher
✅  FACT - We made the system operationally simple. The open system design of the racks enables quick access to server equipment, and the movable server support bars facilitate hot swapping of components.

Watch video on how to perform hot swaps and regular maintenance:


❌  MYTH - It’s new and untested
✅  FACT - First deployed in 2010, the CarnotJet system has since been installed by some of the world’s biggest operators in a breadth of industries, including 3 of the top 10 telecoms, one of the largest search engines on the web, government agencies such as the DoD, Air Force, NSA, and top supercomputing facilities. In fact, in 2014 more than 15,000 servers were submerged in GRC oil!

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GRC Installations around the world
First deployed in 2010, the CarnotJet system is now used in cutting edge data centers all around the world.        
❌  MYTH - It limits hardware options
✅  FACT - The CarnotJet system supports rack based servers from any OEM, requires only fan removal for submersion.

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❌  MYTH - Liquid cooling is only for high density facilities
✅  FACT - HPC facilities have been early to adopt liquid cooling due to the inadequacy of air cooling for the application, but oil immersion cooling reduces the upfront build cost and OPEX at densities as low as 6kw/ rack, making it cost-effective for virtually any application.


While there are many opinions on oil immersion cooling floating around the web, it's important to know the facts of the matter – simply put, Green Revolution Cooling is revolutionizing the way data centers are designed, constructed, and operated.
Was there a specific myth you've heard that you don't see on this list? Let us know! Or if you would like to know more about how GRC solutions allow companies to build and operate more efficient and cost-effective data centers, contact us using the button below and a GRC engineer will reach out directly to answer your questions.

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