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Bursting the Over-Provisioning Bubble

Posted by Peter Poulin on April 18, 2017
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What’s a CIO to do? Business Unit leaders are notoriously unpredictable in forecasting their demands for new applications and IT support. Yet, it is critical that you respond quickly to these demands so the company can capture the incremental revenue, cost reduction, and/or customer service improvement that justifies the IT investment. In the past, one way of dealing with this challenge was the over-provisioning of datacenters – essentially assuring that there was always capacity on demand.

Not so, anymore. CEOs and CFOs are demanding cost reductions in the IT budget, which is driving many customers to lower cost cloud providers, where capacity is also available on demand. But, many enterprises do not have the option of migrating to the cloud, or at the very least, seek not to exercise that option. Security, reliability, and latency requirements demand an enterprise owned, and operated, IT infrastructure. Many CIOs are responding by selling off excess datacenter capacity and consolidating their resources. This leads to more efficient, highly utilized IT assets. However, it removes much of the operational flexibility that over-provisioning provided. There’s simply too little of a capacity buffer to respond quickly to the demands of the business. So, while five 9’s of reliability may have been the primary requirement of the past, the challenges that have been added to this new datacenter world are cost and time. The leaders of the future are finding non-traditional solutions to these challenges – technologies that can reduce capital and operational cost, as well as drastically shrink the time to commission new capacity, without sacrificing reliability.

What if you could reduce the capital cost of building new datacenter capacity by 60%, and deploy that capacity in weeks, not months? What if you could deploy that capacity in increments as small as a single rack at a time? It is possible. Click this link and we’ll show you one way that this is being achieved, today, by customers that have been reliably operating their datacenters with this technology for years.

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