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All You Need to Know About... ElectroSafe

Posted by Dhruv Varma on January 13, 2016
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Today's post continues our series All You Need to Know About... with a "deep dive" into the magical liquid that makes it all possible – ElectroSafe. We'll look at all aspects of our coolant from fire safety to what makes it the perfect liquid for immersion cooling. For further reading, download the ElectroSafe Coolant Fact Sheet and FAQs for a brief one-page overview with information such as the NFPA fire diamond and coolant characteristics such as evaporation rate and density, then give our White Paper on the subject, Submerged Servers in the Data Center a read to discover how safe ElectroSafe really is.

What is ElectroSafe?

The ElectroSafe coolant, used in the CarnotJet liquid cooling system, is a clear, odorless, non-toxic blend of dielectric mineral oils. 
ElectroSafe Fact Sheet

What makes ElectroSafe safe for equipment?

ElectroSafe is a dielectric liquid, which means that it does not conduct electricity, making it completely safe to submerge servers and other IT equipment in it.

What makes ElectroSafe so efficient?

ElectroSafe has 1,200x the heat capacity of air (by volume) and is a much better conductor of heat. This superior conductivity helps the coolant draw heat from the servers more efficiently.

ElectroSafe temperatures

Imagine standing outside on a 60ºF Autumn day.
Now jumping into a pool of 60ºF water

Is it safe to touch and work with?

Mineral oil is the primary ingredient in baby oil, some eyedrops, and other medical applications, making ElectroSafe extremely safe to handle and work with.


Working with ElectroSafe will give you baby soft hands!
ElectroSafe White Paper            
Download our white paper on ElectroSafe here

What about building and fire codes?

ElectroSafe has been rated as a 0-1-0 material by the National Fire Protection Agency, signifying that it poses no threat to human health, will not ignite spontaneously, and reacts to the use of any kind of fire suppression including water. In fact, if you drop a lit match into ElectroSafe, it will be extinguished. The CarnotJet system is currently being used in data centers across more than 10 countries across 4 continents, and has passed some of the most stringent building and fire code requirements on the planet.


To learn more about ElectroSafe and similar applications of mineral oil based coolants - download our white paper on Submerged Servers in the Data Center or contact us for more information.