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All You Need to Know About... Floor Space Optimization

Posted by Dhruv Varma on November 25, 2015
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Whether in planning a retrofit or a greenfield build, floor space utilization in the data center is an important consideration. There are a number of ways floor space utilization is measured for data centers – Watts per square foot, servers per square foot, square feet per rack, etc. Below shows the ways in which GRC's CarnotJet system is able to save valuable floor space in the data center as compared to traditional architectures.

Get More Compute per Square Foot with GRC


Less Infrastructure

The CarnotJet system not only eliminates the need for traditional CRACs, CRAHs, and perimeter cooling, it also helps downsize the power and backup infrastructure proportional to the reduction in peak power.

Denser Layout: No hot and cold aisles

CarnotJet racks are installed back-to-back and end-to-end next to each other. There is no space wasted in creating hot and cold aisles – as compared to traditional air-cooled environments – thereby eliminating each alternate aisle and freeing up space.

Denser Racks: Support more than 100 kW per rack

The ElectroSafe coolant used in the CarnotJet system has 1,200 times the heat capacity of air (by volume). This, along with the superior thermal conductivity and closed loop thermal management, allows for extremely high IT load densities in the racks. In fact, some high performance customers have been able to pack more than 100 kW of IT load in a single rack.

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Further Reading

This post only scratches the surface of how efficient, powerful, dense and cost-effective GRC's CarnotJet system is. To read more in-depth explanations and see sample layouts, download our white paper about floor space optimization.


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