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Podcast: GRC Talks About Cleantech Marketing

Posted by Heather Sanford on April 27, 2018

Our Director of Product Marketing, Dhruv Varma, was recently featured on a podcast called "The Good Stuff And The Noise" hosted by INK Communications Co. #heyinkco. Listen to Dhruv's thoughts on #Cleantech marketing, and about GRC's journey from an early stage startup to a thriving data center infrastructure company, solving real-world problems for customers ranging from the US Air Force to #Bitcoin miners, and everyone in between.   

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Bitcoin by the Box

Posted by Peter Poulin on December 4, 2017

Lately, I have been contemplating when we should come out of stealth mode, and let the crypto-currency mining community know what GRC is doing to help folks take advantage of this opportunity. GRC has acquired significant experience in the space by deploying our patented liquid immersion cooling technology for a number of Bitcoin miners. GRC’s ability to cool these powerful, heat-generating mining computers at over 100kw per rack proved to be most valuable – especially since our technology is extraordinarily power efficient. After all, low electricity cost is one of the key factors in achieving a profitable mining operation. Upon observing that many people wishing to participate in this gold rush have limited IT and Data Center operations experience, we decided to do something a little different. We have also been building containerized data centers for the Air Force, so we decided to mash together our crypto-currency experience with our containerized datacenter experience and voila – the HashTankTM was launched late this summer.  The HashTankTM is, first and foremost, a turn-key Bitcoin mining operation. We deliver to our customers a 40 foot ISO shipping container complete with 432 S9 Antminers, racks, power distribution, and cooling infrastructure. The customer just needs to provide a cement pad upon which we place the HashTankTM, as well as power, water, and internet connections. We’ve also formed a partnership with a power company that can provide low cost power rates.  

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TACC Doubles Down on Liquid Immersion Cooling, GRC Delivers Another Immersed HPC Cluster Solution

Posted by Dhruv Varma on November 10, 2017

Green Revolution Cooling provides the Texas Advanced Computing Cluster with new GPU-based servers that leverage the cost benefits available with immersion cooling.

Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) today announced that it will be delivering a custom GPU-based cluster to the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). TACC has been a long-time advocate and user of GRC’s immersion cooling technology dating back to 2009, when the technology was first brought to market. The installation has expanded over the years to include more racks and this new order will further build on the existing deployment.

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GRC Named One of the Top 25 DataCenter Tech Companies by CIO Applications Magazine

Posted by Dhruv Varma on November 10, 2017

Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) was recently awarded a spot on CIO Application's annual "Top 25 DataCenter Tech Companies" list. The companies chosen to be included have proven capable of providing data center solutions that help clients build a competitive advantage and transform their businesses. CIO Applications interviewed GRC CEO, Peter Poulin, for an article accompanying the list. Below is an excerpt from the article in the November edition of CIO Applications:

Increasingly powerful applications are putting new demands on data centers (the Cloud, IoT, Crypto-currency mining, AI, ML, and VR to name a few), high-performance servers are consuming more power and more cooling capacity. Conventional cooling systems are having difficulty keeping up. Modifications to these systems have increased complexity, increased cost, extended the time to install, and made maintenance and operations more costly.These market dynamics run counter to organizational efforts to reduce the cost of IT. By radically simplifying how servers in a data center are cooled, Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) is providing IT organizations with an alternative that materially reduces data center build and operation costs, reduces the time required to expand capacity, and makes ongoing system maintenance easy.

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GRC Deploys Immersed HPC Cluster at John Paul Catholic University

Posted by Dhruv Varma on October 24, 2017

GRC's Liquid immersion computing system is the ultra-efficient computing cluster at John Paul Catholic University in San Diego, CA.

[October 24, 2017 – Austin, TX] Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), the leader in immersion cooling, today announced the latest installation of its liquid immersion computing system at John Paul Catholic University (JPCU) in San Diego, CA. The high density cluster made up of industry standard servers optimized for immersion, and built in partnership with Supermicro, exploit the enhanced performance and compelling economic value inherent with GRC liquid immersion technology.

Virtually limitless cooling, industry leading efficiency, and lower upfront cost, made it an absolute no brainer for us,” said Kevin Meziere, VP of Technology at JPCU “the ability to cool over 100kW [per rack] effectively and efficiently, gives us the ability to be more responsive to future technology trends and adopt more powerful hardware without concerns of cooling capacity and costs. Being a downtown campus every square inch counts, so the ability to pack equipment more densly is a huge win.

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GRC’s Oil Immersion Cooling System at PIC Supports Data Processing for The Large Hadron Collider at CERN

Posted by Dhruv Varma on April 19, 2017

PIC in Barcelona, Spain shares key performance and reliability results from its immersion cooled data-intensive cluster.

[April 19, 2017 – Austin, TX] Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), a leader in immersion cooling, today announced key performance and reliability results from its installation at Port d’Informació Científica (PIC) in Barcelona, Spain. The ultra-efficient cluster installed in October 2015 has since been used to process dozens of Petabytes of data from CERN's Large Hadron Collider, and leading-edge astrophysics projects.

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Bursting the Over-Provisioning Bubble

Posted by Peter Poulin on April 18, 2017

What’s a CIO to do? Business Unit leaders are notoriously unpredictable in forecasting their demands for new applications and IT support. Yet, it is critical that you respond quickly to these demands so the company can capture the incremental revenue, cost reduction, and/or customer service improvement that justifies the IT investment. In the past, one way of dealing with this challenge was the over-provisioning of datacenters – essentially assuring that there was always capacity on demand.

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Whitebox Servers: Is It Time to Switch? Hyperscalers Seem to Think So

Posted by Christiaan Best on March 14, 2017

A 2015 research report from IDC1 indicates that the market is increasingly abandoning big brand, OEM servers in favor of “whitebox” (unbranded) servers made using parts from ODM suppliers.

  • HP’s server sales went down almost 30% between 2010 and 2015.
  • Dell’s sever sales were pretty much flat with a 4.5% annual (server) revenue growth. Dell’s sales seem to be increasingly focused on whitebox style servers for hyperscale companies.
  • IBM’s server sales are down almost 70% during the same 5 year period (2010-2015).

A separate study released by Lawrence Berkley National Labs2 shows that while the major players are in decline, the market overall is getting bigger with white box servers taking over the market.

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GRC Appoints IT Industry Veteran, Jim Weynand as Chief Revenue Officer

Posted by Dhruv Varma on March 7, 2017

New CRO to Lead Company’s Sales, Marketing, and Partner Development Efforts

[March 7, 2017 – Austin, TX] Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), a pioneer and leader in the immersion cooling market, today announced that Jim Weynand has been appointed as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Weynand, a dynamic CRO with over 30 years of IT industry experience, brings to the team an impeccable record of leading the growth of complex B2B commercial services and solutions for some of the world’s leading technology corporations and private equity consulting firms. Having spent the first half of his career in various sales and marketing roles at IBM and Compaq, he has also served as the VP of Americas Public Sector at HP, and Senior Vice President of North America for Unisys

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Does IT really care about sustainability?

Posted by Peter Poulin on March 6, 2017


The Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Edge computing, and increased adoption of High Performance Computing (HPC) in commercial enterprises -- all these trends are putting new pressures on data center operators.  To make this tsunami of data useful and actionable requires enormous compute power. And, power is the operative word.  In the face of this need for more power, there is also a call for carbon footprint reduction.  But, does anyone really care about “greener” data centers?  Does anyone care enough to consider, if not revolutionary, than at least alternative, approaches to data center design? 

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