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All You Need to Know About... Storage Drives in Immersion Cooling

Posted by Matt Solomon on November 30, 2015
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In this edition of the All You Need to Know About... series, we talk about one of the most commonly asked questions regarding liquid immersion cooling: what kind of drives can be immersed, as well as how standard spinning disks can be used in the CarnotJet system.

Drives that can be immersed

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

As the name suggests, SSDs are solid state devices with no moving parts. Hence can be submerged in ElectroSafe right out of the box just like other solid state components such as memory DIMMs, mother boards, etc. With the steadily declining price and superior speed and performance of SSDs, they are quickly becoming the storage device of choice.

Helium-filled Drives

Helium-filled drives, such as the Ultrastar He6 offered by Western Digital’s HGST, are hermetically sealed and can be directly submerged in ElectroSafe.

Drive Caddy

How unsealed spinning disks can be used in the CarnotJet system

While unsealed HDDs cannot be submerged out of the box like SSDs and hermetically sealed drives, they can be adapted to be used with immersed servers by being kept above the surface of the oil. This is done through the use of a modified drive caddy designed to fit in the existing drive caddy slot – as seen in the photo on the left.


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