White Paper: Tokyo Institute of Technology – TSUBAME-KFC

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Download Green Revolution Cooling’s white paper “Oil Submersion Cooling for Today’s Data Centers: An analysis of the technology and its business implications” to learn what the new age of total liquid immersion cooling means for businesses and the bottom line.


Liquid Cooling has been ‘the next big thing’ for years, but high costs and risks related to coolant (water) leaks have restricted large scale adoption. GRC’s Oil Submersion Cooling on the other hand, tackles both these concerns by using an inexpensive mineral oil based coolant that is an electrical insulator but a good conductor of heat.

This paper explores the basic science behind the technology and its business implications.


❝Beyond the superior cooling performance of the CarnotJet, the removal of server fans and lower operating temperatures of IT equipment facilitate lower power draw from the servers themselves. This overall reduction in server power draw has been observed to range from 10% to 20%...❞

— White Paper, p6

Download The White Paper From Tokyo Institute of Technology