A Paradigm Shift in Data Center Sustainability

Going Beyond Aisle Containment and Economization

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An analysis of how Green Revolution Cooling’s technology can help improve the Power, Carbon, and Water Usage Effectiveness (PUE, CUE, and WUE) even at some of the most efficient data centers.


A few years ago, the industry average PUE was well above 2.0, which meant that organizations spent more on keeping systems cool than they spent on powering the servers. But over the years, this PUE number has steadily dropped, this drop has primarily been driven by some of the largest data center operators, who have taken prudent steps towards minimizing their environmental impact. The popularity of free air cooling and the increased flexibility of IT equipment to operate at higher temperatures, has facilitated PUEs of as low as 1.15. While it may seem like the low hanging fruit is gone, technologies like liquid submersion cooling promise to bring in the next wave of efficiency improvement. Given the massive scale and exponential growth of data centers, a further reduction to PUEs below 1.05 can have a huge impact on not just the operating costs but on the carbon footprint and on the water requirements for the data centers as well. This paper will look at how GRC’s oil submersion cooling technology can help data center operators reduce their energy and water consumption, cost effectively.